10 Step Guide to Using Flash in Sunlight

Photofocus (old site)

In the shot above I used a single 400Ws flash pack and head. I fitted a 28cm high efficiency reflector and lit my model from a distance of five metres. The pack was an Elinchrom Quadra and it was flat out on full power. Full length pictures require more flash power than close ups because the light has to cover a wider area.

Here are my steps to producing repeatable results on sunny f/16 days using manual control flash.

Things you will need: A loupe
Things you won’t need: A light meter

The 10 steps

1. Set the camera’s shutter speed to the highest sync value.

2. Set the ISO to the lowest value without compromising tonal range. Don’t use the L values for ISO.

3. On a sunny day set the lens to f/16 and shoot the ambient only.

4. Assess the shadow detail using a loupe. Look at…

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