Researcher Spotlight: Professor Margaret Robinson

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Professor Magaret RobinsonProfessor Margaret “Scottie” Robinson holds a Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellowship and is a Professor of Molecular Cell Biology and the Cambridge Institute of Medical Research. He she tells us about eukaryotes, cakes and clarthrin…

What are you working on?

I’m interested in the organisation of cells like our own – that is, eukaryotic cells, which are filled with lots of different membrane compartments, as opposed to prokaryotic cells like bacteria, which have only surface membranes. What’s particularly fascinating is that eukaryotic cells are able to form all these different compartments, each of which is made out of a distinct set of molecules, and then they send molecules from one compartment to another, without everything getting mixed up.

We work on proteins called adaptors, which collect the right types of molecules from a particular compartment and package them into little carriers called coated vesicles, which then deliver the molecules to…

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