Taking The Path Of Spirituality

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Taking The Path Of Spirituality – Part 1

To rediscover, become aware of and finally experience our relationship with God, beliefs in God are initially, not a necessity; in fact, on the contrary, they can be an obstacle! Sounds strange, but before being introduced into spirituality, if we have already developed or learnt certain concepts or beliefs about God, these concepts or beliefs may themselves be a barrier in our spiritual progress. To start your personal journey on the path of spirituality, the only requirement is openness to a basic idea that there may be a greater or higher source of spiritual energy than ourselves. Only if our minds are open, can we be ready to communicate personally and directly with this source.

What tends to keep our minds closed to God are either the beliefs we have learnt or inherited from our family, our education, our culture or the trust that we have in those who themselves, whether it be our parents or grandparents or our spouse or our friends, have a closed mind and are unaware of it. It is at this point that we find that religion and spirituality part ways.
Religion would have us ‘believe’ there is a God, and often a belief that it is not possible to know God, directly or indirectly, or to even approach God i.e. there are fears and inhibitions related to God. Religion sometimes teaches us to be in awe of God. Spirituality, on the other hand, encourages us to leave all limited beliefs behind and be both humble and open to the possibility of the presence of God in our life. Hence, in spirituality, personal experience is given more importance than a learned or inherited belief. Hence the essential need for a method such as meditation to make the bridge from belief to direct experience. In meditation the soul/self releases any false attachments, including learned beliefs, and opens to receive and directly experience the spiritual light of the Source.

– Message –

You will experience all attainments when there is faith.

Expression: At the end of each day, check if you are aware of and experiencing the things that you have attained for the day. If you are not able to experience the attainments, it means you do not have sufficient faith in yourself or in the things that are happening.

Experience: Tell yourself each day that you have the faith in yourself and in things that they will ultimately turn out to be the best. When you practice in this way you can begin to experience your attainments.

Taking The Path Of Spirituality – Part 2

Religion also tends to encourage us to have faith, to pray and perhaps beg to an entity to whom we are not worthy enough or high enough to look face-to-face with. On the other hand, spirituality would have us believe nothing blindly and never reduces our own basic but now suppressed value or divinity. Spirituality is a path of high self esteem. The spiritual approach to God is one of remaining in that self esteem and cultivating a relationship that is as real, direct and as dynamic as we might have with a member of our family, a friend or a companion. Even worldly relationships work best when the people involved in the relationships maintain their self esteem. It means that personal experience is the only real proof of God’s presence in our life.

While religion would tend to encourage the strict following of a set of recorded beliefs, which have been declared by religions or religious organizations, spirituality would say, “You must not believe me when I say it is raining outside — go and see for yourself. Here, I’ll show you the way, but you must go and see and touch the rain for yourself.” Spirituality would not encourage blind faith in an historical set of other people’s beliefs, but would encourage the cultivation of an enlightened faith based on one’s own personal experience. God, as the Supreme Father, does not want to be worshiped; He only wants to see His loved ones, His children awakened from their self-imposed spiritual sleep – that is what spirituality does – wake us up!

– Message –

Instead of thinking of the situation, think of your own stage.

Expression: When you find yourself questioning the things that are happening in your life, ask yourself if your own stage is good. The situation might be bad, but check if your own stage is good and if you have the power to face the situation.

Experience: The reason for losing the stage in a negative situation is because of negative thoughts. In order to finish such negative thoughts, remind yourself that you are learning from the things that are happening so that you can improve your own stage.

Taking The Path Of Spirituality – Part 3

The religious mind-set is sometimes threatened by the approach of spirituality (discussed over the last couple of days) and sometimes calls it a self-absorbed approach. Spirituality calls it the awakening of the self or the soul so that it can realize its true form and nature. It also reminds us that everything and everyone are interconnected. While we are all unique and have individual characteristics, we are also members of one spiritual family. If each one of us wake up spiritually and restore our personal link with the Source, with God, then that in itself will benefit all others around us. Seen in this way the enlightenment of the self becomes a spiritual service to others.

This does not mean that the religious person is not spiritual. Many are naturally spiritual and carry a healthy and positive criticism about organized belief systems and the institutions which are built around them. They are often attracted to the universal truths found at an intellectual level in all religious philosophies. But an intellectual understanding is not enough, as the saints have reminded us through the ages. Having had direct experiences of a Supreme Being, they remind us that God can never easily be put under scientific investigation, but rather will be found in the personal experience of spiritual communication/connection. For this reason, in spirituality, there is always an emphasis on the practice of meditation/contemplation and the purification of the soul.

– Message –

When you are content you can give the experience of contentment to others too.

Expression: Each day check if you are content with what you are doing. Also check if others are content with what you are doing in your life. If there is an experience of contentment within yourself others will be content with you.

Experience: At the end of each day, make a mental list of all that you have attained for the day, things that you are happy about. This will enable you to be content even during the phase when things are not going so smooth, because you are able to look at the positive aspect too.

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