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 Loving The One Part – 1 

Discovering the love hidden within every spiritual being for the One who has performed thousands of favours for us from the time we experienced a life devoid of love and happiness goes beyond prayers and hymns, devotional songs, chanting of mantras, reading of scriptures and idol worship. Instead of asking for love, peace and happiness from Him, always called by the male gender, whom we have called out to in many phases of the life and death, birth and rebirth cyclic story, in which we lost our way many times, we need to know a method of connecting with Him in such a way so as to empower our inner selves completely to bring about changes inside us that would fill us with what we were searching. There will always be love for this One since He brings with Him thousands of love filled surprises which the soul does not even believe it can expect from God, but He being the One with the most number of enchanting and pure treasures, will always be remembered as the highest One whom the world looks up to in times of trouble.

If we look back at our present birth, we will remember thousands of times when God has hugged us and taken us beyond sorrowful circumstances and trying problems. We have thanked God so many times that remembering the same brings us into tears and we realize that we owe a lot to this One who goes out of his way to forget his remaining children for that one moment, which we feel is our own personal moment with Him, as we continue to fall in love with His continuous favours that he showers on us and we promise Him again and again to be faithful to Him by sharing all that He brings into our life, with those children of Him who search for Him and are sometimes disheartened when they feel lonely or disappointed, when things are not as pleasurable as they desire. So let us celebrate our long lasting loving relationship with not only thousands of loveful gratitudes but also by giving humane inspirations to His loving children so that they unite with this One, the amazing One.

♣ Message 

The biggest treasure of all is the treasure of experience.

Expression: The one who has the treasure of experience is able to bring benefit to others. He is clear in thinking and accurate in judgement. So he is naturally able to give directions or corrections based on his own experiences and is also successful in it. Also there is equality in what he talks and does.

Experience: To be an embodiment of experience means to learn from everything that happens. So when I am able to become an embodiment of experience, I am able to feel mastery over every situation that comes my way. The power of my experience enables me to move lightly through all situations.

♣ Loving The One Part – 2 

Remembering God whom we respectfully call the One, because He is unique in the sense that He is the only spiritual energy in the entire Universe who has never experienced lust or anger or ego or hatred. God is faithful to the eternal laws of humanity which state that soul consciousness is the right karma and body consciousness is the opposite; soul consciousness will give and attract joy and body consciousness will give and attract sorrow.

There have been instances in history when God was mistakenly called omnipresent or present in every molecule (whether pure or impure), although He is a permanent resident of the soul world. This was ridiculing Him in a sense. Also, sometimes God’s status and qualities were given to humans, like the worship of deities, whom we started calling gods and goddesses and founders of religions like Christ and Buddha were worshipped as if they were God, although they all were pure and divine human beings and not the One i.e. God. If that wasn’t enough, some people called lust as the eternal component of the world drama and also went to the extent of saying that lust was God’s creation, which even gave birth to many shastras and essays on lust in India a few hundred years after the time of Christ, although lust did not exist in the pure world, which existed hundreds of years prior to Christ, which God had created. These shastras were given undue importance, instead of being banished (discarded) from society which God would have desired, since they sowed the seeds of sin in the minds of humans and were the cause of the moral degeneration of society. Even deities, who were God’s creation of the past, were shown mistakenly as lustful in some temples of India, which was an indirect insult of God, the purest and the most innocent One, the Supreme Father of humanity. God was also called by us, mistakenly, as the One who gives sorrow as well as happiness, forgetting that it was our own actions which brought us both of them. The worst insult for God was by those people of scientific temper who gave God the status of a man created concept and his fantasy, saying God is an imagination and not a reality. So, God was a detached spectator to these insults, never taking them to His heart, but on the other hand He showered sweet mercy on each one of us through His blessings and sweet vision of love, all that time.


To transform the self means to receive blessings.

Expression: The one who brings about transformation in the self learning from all situations, attains victory constantly. He will naturally be able to take the learning from all situations and move on inspite of negative situations. He is also successful in his relationship with others, as he knows to mould himself.

Experience: When I am able to bring about transformation in myself according to time, without just expecting others to change, I am able to get the love and good wishes of all. Because of the ability to mould myself, my thoughts too would be easy and light.

♣ Loving The One Part – 3 

Dedicating love to the One whom we have many a times disrespected out of ignorance, not to take away the fact that we have loved Him also, but true love for this sweetest and nicest One in the universe is recognizing Him with the eyes of spiritual wisdom, who He is and what are His virtues and how He uplifts mankind from the claws of impurity and wrong beliefs which continue to bring human instincts to the lowest levels, as we see today in society, where lust and other negative illnesses in the human psyche have brought it down tremendously, which man had not even dreamt of, just 100-150 years ago, all under the garb of advancement and modernity. So let us just stop for a minute and reflect on all the qualities of purity that the world possessed a few thousand years behind, on the world time line, which was the world that the God had made with His own hands, which we spoiled due to our self created beliefs and attachment to physicality. The world lost its sanctity (purity) and that was the time when we had disheartened God and broken our promise to Him, made to Him in our prayers and other forms of worship, to take care of what He had created and not to let it destroy our inner selves, which it did. They say, God is above sorrow and joy but God isn’t unemotional either. He watched the decline in a mode of detachment and He was above it, but at the same time He wasn’t liking it happen. The same world children, who had loved Him and left Him in the soul world, which is above the physical world of 5 elements, when they stayed with Him there, had abused that spirit of love and fallen down.

So, if we were to realize this deeply, we would say – Yes! Today I will give the return to the Spiritual Father of Humanity, the Highest One; I will make myself so pure, as He would like me to be. This would be dedicating my true love to someone who has lived by His word of helping us every time even though we did not keep our word to Him that we would remain the purest and the most virtuous beings and keep His creation – the world in the same light.

♣ Message 

The power of stability enables to cross over all obstacles.

Expression: The one who is stable is not influenced by one’s own old habits and tendencies to react, but is able to think and act properly under all circumstances. The power of stability brings forth the best decisions in the most difficult times, brings solutions and helps in lessening the impact of the obstacle itself.

Experience: When I am stable on the seat of a master, I am able to be free from the influence of my own old habits, those that are of weakness. Instead I am able to transform old habits into new ones, making them into those of power. Learning to be stable in the most difficult situations, enables me to cross over all obstacles very easily.

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