Accept Change, Don’t Resist It

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Accept Change, Don’t Resist It – Part 1 

Change resistance or the inability to adopt to change is the most common reason for the life stresses that all of us are faced with. There used to be a time when change was not so sudden as it is now, but modern lifestyles have made change so sudden that we have reached a point where change resistance has almost become like a syndrome or illness. There was once a businessman named Mr. Rai (name changed), who was very successful in everything he did, whether it be his profession, relationships, earning wealth, earning a name for himself and with a superb personality. It was all great going until one day came when suddenly the government’s policies bought the stock market crashing down and his company, which he headed – its stocks (shares) took a dip and at the same time the fall in his professional stature saw an egoistic life partner turn away from him out of dissatisfaction. These two downs in his life saw his self esteem nosedive (fall down) to its lowest. Life was not the same again. His teenaged children developed bad habits because of a rocked marriage and Mr. Rai was struggling with the sudden changes in his life so much that he took to drinking excessively and even resort to gambling, causing emotional instability and depression.

This can happen to any of us, a sudden change of fortunes, where suddenly one single negative event, only a single change, can rock your life boat and cause it to become unstable in the life ocean and even sink. What should have Mr. Rai done so that he could have prevented a downslide in his fortunes – from extremely successful, one of the wealthiest and the very best to be seen as unsuccessful. A change of perception you would say. That’s what all self-help books talk about. But how? And here we also throw light on the golden principle of acceptance, which follows the change of perception and also cannot take place without the perception change and is an opposite emotion than the one which we commonly experience – that of resistance, when faced with a difficult situation.


Fulfill your promise instead of just keeping it in a file and you’ll find progress.

Expression: In all that you do throughout the day, check to what extent you are able to fulfill the promises that you make to yourself. Also check the reason for not being able to fulfill some promise that you have made recently.

Experience: Think of that promise that you had made to yourself recently that you had not been able to fulfill and think of the reason why you had made that promise and how important it is for you to fulfill that promise. When you practice in this way you’ll find yourself getting enthusiastic to fulfill that promise.

Accept Change, Don’t Resist It – Part 2 

Mr. Rai, who resisted change, accepting a difficult situation wasn’t easy in his case, which is a real case of a person who was impressed by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris. He was given a five point spiritual power formula by one of the sisters of the Brahma Kumaris, who was playing a role of spiritual service at one of the Brahma Kumaris centres. Mr. Rai later shared his experience as to how the five powers had helped him reshape his perception into a positive one and as a result accept a life-strangling situation.

The first power was the power to transform one’s thoughts as per one’s own desires using the power of meditation, which at the Brahma Kumaris, is a connection between two minds – your own mind and the mind of a higher potent (powerful) force – the fountain of spiritual strength – God. This connection is commonly called manmanabhav in the Gita, which means connect your mind to me, where me refers to God, the Supreme Being of spiritual light and might, invisible to the physical eyes but visible to the eye of spiritual wisdom or what we call third eye. This connection causes spiritual energy in its purest form harnessed (taken) from God and flows into one’s sanskaras and works on the sanskara of thinking too much, when faced with a difficult situation. All the spiritual wisdom in the world, which can be found in thousands of books of the famous authors on self-management of our times, cannot change our way of thinking, what a few seconds of powerful manmanabhav can do.

The second power was the power to discriminate between negative and positive information that one is exposed to throughout the day. Very often a negative piece of information received from the daily newspaper can flood the mental perception of a negative and tight situation with confusion and a lack of clarity and cause us to become emotionally disabled or weakened. So, Mr. Rai was given a simple advice – read the newspaper during mid-day or in the evening and not the first thing in the morning; when the mind is not so fresh and the absorption capability of the sub-conscious mind is lower than what it is during the morning.


The one who is responsible is the one who is always light.

Expression: To be resposnsible means to do everything with the best of one’s ability. It comes with the recognition and the understanding of the importance of the task. No action is wasted, but everything meaningfully connects to the fulfillment of the task. So there are not even ordinary actions, but only those that are meaningful.

Experience: When I take up every task that I need to do with full responsibility, I am able to give my best. Then I will be able to be light having done my task well and in time. There is never the pressure of work, but there is plenty of time for the self and for others. I also find my inner resources being used to the fullest extent.

Accept Change, Don’t Resist It – Part 3 

The third power shared by the Brahma Kumaris to Mr. Rai was the power to let go of all the memories of the negative events that he had been exposed to, since childhood, by taking out time to indulge in pure service in his corporate circle – share all that he had learnt at the Brahma Kumaris with one person everyday. He made a principle of his life called Each One Teach One Each Day. This became his hobby and all the negative incidents that were negating (reducing) his ability to perceive positively a negative situation and as a result accepting it were pushed in the backgrounds of his consciousness and he became a new person, from one with a cupboard full of files of a negative past to one with an unfilled cupboard eager to fill new positive experiences in itself, which would help him in crossing an uncertain present and constructing a positive future.

Also, another power to achieve success in the change of perception and then accept was the power to think correctly based on beliefs based on spiritual truths e.g. the belief – I will be unable to emerge victorious over this negative event in my life was replaced by – Every negative situation is a boon or blessing to achieve significant transformation in the self and to bring about progress on a spiritual level, which is not possible without the existence of the negative event. These spiritual truths were a part of the complete spiritual knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris which is in the form of a week-long, an hour per day, introductory study course, which Mr. Rai undertook.

The last power was the power of an everyday morning input of holistic and pure knowledge after the week-long introductory course was undertaken, at the nearest centre of the Brahma Kumaris, which as discussed earlier went a long way in creating an environment inside Mr. Rai’s spiritual self, where positive perceptions surface inside the conscious mind and also settle in the sub-conscious mind and getting over the sorrow connected with the worst of circumstances became easy.


The one who is open to learning always finds an opportunity to learn and change.

Expression: Life has plenty of opportunities for the one who wants to learn. Each situation and person that comes one’s way is an instrument for a new learning. Constant learning brings about a deep internal change and progress in one’s life.

Experience: When I am able to learn from all that happens, I am able to be content for both what I have learnt and the change that I have been able to bring about. This contentment also keeps me enthusiastic and my mind open for further learning. I naturally become an embodiment of what I have learnt.

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